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Online Marketing

Internet marketing is the marketing of goods over the internet. Internet marketing provides instant response due to its interactive nature, which is exclusive to the medium. Internet marketing is seen by many as having a wider scope because it focuses not only on internet, email, and wireless media but also on digital customer data and electronic customer management systems (ECRM).

Internet marketing brings together the creative and technical aspects of the World Wide Web such as development, design, sales, and advertising. It is also the placement of media along various stages of SEM, SEO, banner ads and email marketing.

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Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that utilizes direct mail as the way to communicate to its audience to provide them with information regarding their products and services.

Banner ads are essentially a form of advertising on the internet that entails placing an embedded image into a web page. The intent is to attract traffic by linking to the website of the advertiser. Banner ads are usually created using Java, Shockwave or even Flash, they often use sounds, video or animation to strengthen their presence. The images are most likely to be of a high ratio aspect, and are placed on web pages that have interesting content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the improving of the volume of traffic to a website or web page via search engines, this process depends on the “natural” or unpaid results. It is generally believed that the higher up a site appears in the reach results the more traffic it will receive.

PPC aka Pay Per Click is an advertising tool used on many websites in which advertisers only pay the hosts when the ad is clicked. In regards to search engines, advertisers usually bid on keyword phases that are relevant to their target audience. Many content sites charge a fixed price for each click instead of a bidding system. PPC uses the affiliate model which provides buying opportunities wherever a person might be searching. This is done by offering a financial incentive, usually in the form of a percentage of the money earned to its affiliated sites, which in turn provide purchase point click through to the merchant so if the merchant gets no sales, there is no cost to the merchant.

Sites that use PPC ads will display an advertisement when a keyword search matches an advertisers keyword list, or if a site shows relevant content. These are referred to as sponsored links or ads and appear either next to or above the original results on the search engine result pages or wherever a web designer decides to place it on a content sites.

Social Media Advertising which is targeted ads based on information gathered from members of a social service site. When you initially sign up with a social site such as Facebook, general information is collected, along with voluntary information. This is kept in a secure location until the Terms and Regulations are up than the information is used to distribute advertisements on your social network

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