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Social Media Marketing

  • April 24, 2010
  • Blog

Many people spend hours navigating social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace, causing many advertisers to utilize these sites in order to endorse their products. How does this work and how have social sites helped bring in the advertising dollars? Marketers use sites like Facebook and MySpace to make friends with potential customers; they also use Twitter to post swift messages about the most up-to-date trends in order to take advantage of word of mouth.

Understand your targeted social media channel – Advertisements targeting users on social media channels are becoming more widespread so by knowing who is using which social media site, advertisers can endorse their products to their targeted audience on the proper social site. Facebook users correspond to an older, more mature crowd than MySpace users; this will put the marketer’s message in an atmosphere where the user is inclined to pertinent messages. Participants should view your marketing as an extension of the knowledge and a service rather than something to be avoided. But one needs to remember that visitors mainly go to social media sites to socialize, not to consume content in the conventional sense. Social media users are focused on their personal goal of connecting with others, so it isn’t surprising that a one-size-fits-all paid advertising approach doesn’t yield great results

Ensure the advertisements are providing something of value to users – Using the Facebook social ads is placing the company directly in the path of those already seeking similar information. But now the advertisements are just offering one more way for the users to fulfill their need. And the user can identify with the advertised product. While the resource that users or the community receive depends on the social media entity, the goal is to encourage user interaction. As a result, members get to experience the product or an activity related to it. This helps further qualify them as prospects from a marketer’s perspective.

Has a social networking presence – Involve yourself energetically in the community. As with most social media marketing strategies, employees — the public face of the company – need to contribute to the community and interact as peers rather than product pushers. Incorporating social media advertisements with social media networking practices can give you more of an impression to the company’s targeted users as well as being a channel for users to connect with the company they trust.  This gives prospects and customers someone to reach out to get questions answered, helping to build relationships and sell product. The firm will also receive customer feedback and insights about their offering.

Social media sites are one of the most cost effective ways to drive business to your site, as it is human nature to covet what others have, so essentially this is what allows advertising on sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube to be financially successful. As well as promoting the correct products on the right social medium.